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Keep your vehicle charged at all times

Don't get stuck with an alternator that no longer works

Repair your faulty alternator

Affordable options for every budget

With a properly working alternator, you'll be able to drive for hours while enjoying all of the functions that come along with your vehicle, including the stereo, headlights, and more. When your alternator no longer works, it's only a matter of time before your vehicle loses its edge. Contact us today for quality alternator repairs.

Want to earn some extra cash?

Trade your old battery in today for some quick cash! Visit us today to see

how much your battery is worth. If you're looking to replace your battery,

you'll be able to put the money you receive for your old battery towards

the cost of a new one. Speak to a member of our friendly team

for more information.

Take advantage of:

• Low price GUARANTEE

 FREE battery checks

FREE electrical checks

FREE battery installations

• 6-day availability (Monday - Saturday)

• Quality products

• Professional service

• Friendly technicians

Ensure that your battery is functioning at full capacity. Call 503-761-2370 to learn more.



Keep your car, jet ski, and other method of transportation in proper working order with our additional services. Read more about batteries, generators, starters, and voltage regulators today.