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Avoid costly repairs or replacements

Find an affordable solution to power surges and brownouts today

Protect your valuables from power surges

Invest in a quality voltage regulator

Your electronics and electrical appliances are at risk when it comes to increases in voltage. With a voltage regulator, you'll be able to bypass expensive repairs or replacements, allowing your appliances and electronics to run effortlessly

and safely. Contact us today for more information regarding

voltage regulators.

Receive FREE battery installations

Is your vehicle in need of a fresh battery? Count on a member of our friendly, professional team to provide you with a FREE battery installation today.

You can also stop by to receive a FREE battery check. Call now to schedule

your appointment for either of these services.

Take advantage of:

GUARANTEED low prices

FREE battery checks

FREE battery installations

FREE electrical checks

• 6-day availability for all repairs and installations (Monday - Saturday)

• Friendly technicians

• Professional customer service

• Honest advice and opinions

Are you curious about the other services that are available at Battery Specialists Inc.? Read more about generators, alternators, starters, and batteries now. Contact us for additional questions or to schedule an appointment.

Visit us today for a free electrical check.

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